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This article takes a look at which industries use Competitive Intelligence and why? Some people consider Competitive Intelligence as a specialism to specific industries. This idea comes from the industries who use it most and were the first to adopt Competitive Intelligence from the military into their day to day business activities.

Industries that immediately spring to mind are defence, aerospace, some software organisations and in particular pharmaceutical companies. …

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This article is called how to use market intelligence for your product launch. It’s not easy to successfully launch a new product in any market. For very highly competitive arenas, like cleaning products or magazine, the success rate can be as low as 15% — and these companies tend to have significant resources behind them. Even then over half also report going over their launch budget. New and smaller companies need to be smarter to stand a chance of success and making sure you have the right market intelligence.

Market Intelligence

We offer our thoughts on the topics you may need to over when researching your market for a product launch. When you launch a product, you would like to achieve the revenues targets you have agreed to, steadily grow your sales, while increasing profits and making sure you are getting a good return from your marketing budgets. …

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How to define your target market

Successful marketing relies on understanding your target market. Whom are you selling to? Why should they bother buying your product? What’s in it for them? This article suggests ways of identifying new customers. It’s called how to define your target market.

You need to confidently answer the question, why am I uniquely placed to solve a customers problem? You may not be able to answer this question, but going through the following article may help you develop a compelling reason why customers need you. …


Octopus Intelligence

We help you beat your competitors, increase revenue, protect equity investments, reduce uncertainty and risk with Competitive Intelligence & Due Diligence

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