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This article suggests 8 great Competitive Intelligence questions for patterns. We highlight how patterns can be blocked from a decision-makers view. Have you noticed that when something happens in the news or in your own business, we tend to try and work out the meaning? Mainly by looking into the past for comparisons?

We naturally recognise patterns

We compare the present situation with historical events. And then look for patterns for it all to make sense. When we are born, we come preprogrammed to recognise patterns, and over time, we get much better at it. When there is a bad storm, it’s compared to…

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This article is called how Competitive Intelligence increased revenues by £5 million a year. It’s a Competitive Intelligence and Corporate investigations case study. We show how our two offerings combined to provide our client with an additional £5m (at least) in annual revenues. Practically overnight.

You know how…

You know how you provide the best possible product, and it’s priced just right. But you are still being undercut. You will happily compete with a competitor, but you feel something is not right?

This situation was happening to one of our clients. A UK building materials producer. A UK based competitor significantly undercut them…

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This article provides a pointers to how to understand competitors by isolating the need to knows. Knowing your competitors and what they offer will help you offer better products. And to be able to set competitive pricing and respond to rival marketing campaigns. Use this knowledge to create marketing strategies to take advantage of their weaknesses. And improve your own business performance. Assess threats posed by both new market entrants and your current competitors. To knowledge will help you to be realistic about how successful you can be. And provide you with a baseline.

Who are your competitors?

We all face competition. It doesn’t…

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This article asks why are Competitive Intelligence drivers so powerful? We show you that good Competitive Intelligence is based on more than just good questions.

You have some great questions, and you are researching and talking to some interesting people. Now you will find yourself swamped with information on paper, Evernote, email and your cloud.

Then the realisation hits you that intelligence is so much more than researching Google really well. All you get is lots of data and no idea where to start.

Put them into piles

To start using data and assist the analysis in creating great insight and answer, you need…

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What’s meant by Competitive Intelligence? It’s obviously something we are passionate about, but what does it really mean?

What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the collection, collation and analysis of information. To help you find out what’s happening and explain why it’s happening. Outline how things could develop and then offer the options to make better decisions.

Competitive Intelligence helps you avoid surprises. Think more moves ahead, minimise uncertainty, differentiate and stay ahead of the competition. It’s the unspoken, hidden key to success.

And it’s an essential aspect of developing your business strategy. It’s the analysis turning information into Intelligence. By collating…

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We ask how to find out about my competitors? There are many assumptions when it comes to finding out about your competitors. In many companies, their competitors generally fall into four categories.

  • They are ok
  • They are not as good as us
  • Or they are in a different league to us
  • Who? Never heard of them.

All three are dangerous assumptions. Why? It shows that you likely have very little knowledge of what your competitors are doing. Most of your knowledge is subjective and based on whom you come across in the market. And worse it will be completely wrong.

Who they are

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This article asks what’s the threat of entry within Porter’s five forces model? It explains the entry threat, how to detect and analyse it within your industry. You may have a tremendous competitive advantage. An advantage that offers years of growth and success. What about your threat of entry? Those new competitors you know nothing about.

Porter’s five forces model

Michael Porter argues that five forces influence competition and long term investments. The five forces are the:

  • Threat of entry
  • Bargaining power of suppliers
  • Bargaining power of bias
  • Intensity of rivalry
  • Threat of substitution

It’s essential that you are strategically positioned within your industry…

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[Nottingham & London, United Kingdom]: Octopus Intelligence today announced the Competitor Ethical Standards Report and Internal Business Ethics Review; New services to meet the demand for upholding ethical trading standards in modern global business.

“We have witnessed and received complaints of companies who gain an unfair advantage by exaggerating or being dishonest about their sustainability practices, green credentials and ethical trading standards”.

By allowing competitors to benefit from dishonesty, companies could be losing business and allowing them to thrive unfairly. …

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It is a great honour to present this excellent article from the widely respected executive coach, Competitive Intelligence author, and practitioner Babette Bensoussan — Why do dumb things happen to smart companies?

Why do dumb things happen to smart companies? After 25 years of strategy consulting, I would like to suggest some of the following reasons:

  • Companies repeat mistakes
  • Work gets duplicated
  • Customer relations are strained
  • Good ideas don’t get shared
  • Competition is around price
  • Not keeping up with market leaders or innovators
  • Dependence on a few key individuals
  • Slow to innovate
  • Lack of good market knowledge

People don’t choose…

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The strength of Competitive Intelligence is that it should provide you with insight. Insight to enable you to think about why things are happening. With this in mind, this article asks why are you losing customers to competitors?

You think you have done an excellent job for a customer. The customer says you have also done a good job. So why do people shop around? What motivates them to leave your business and buy your competitors offerings?

And what can you do reduce them wanting to do this?

Here are our thoughts on the common reasons why customer leave the…

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