This article explains how Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Investigations prevented a lousy investment. Our investigations showed how an investment opportunity wasn’t what it seemed. This case study shows how our services provided our client peace of mind. And stopped a substantial loss of funds. And most importantly, it kept it’s fantastic reputation within family offices.

You know-how

You know how sometimes an opportunity comes along. And on the face of it, the investment opportunity looks like a winner. You conduct your own due diligence, and everything looks great. You let your trusted contacts know, and they are really keen. …

This article offers 5 ideas on how to ask better questions for Competitive Intelligence. One of the main reasons why questions are crucial to Competitive Intelligence is that they show us what we don’t know.

When we ask a great question that requires some thought, it immediately isolates a knowledge gap. Now, it is easy to think what’s all the fuss about a question. You ask them all day, and I tend to get an answer. But are they the correct answers? Are they answers to make you go away happy? Are the answers that you learn anything from?


This article is the fourth in a series. We talk to Henry Leoni, Manager Strategy Analysis and Development at NATS, providers of air traffic services within the UK and beyond. In this series, we ask people we respect within Competitive Intelligence eight pertinent questions. At the end of this series of questions, we will analyse the answers and publish a report. So onto the Competitive Intelligence questions to NATS Strategy Analysis and Development manager.

1. In your view, what’s Competitive Intelligence?

The systematic collection and objective analysis of information on a business’s market environment (competitors, customers etc.) to enhance that business’s competitiveness

2. In your view, what’s the true benefit of CI?

Greater awareness of competitive gaps

3. How would you advise a company with no experience in Competitive Intelligence to get started?

This article is the third in a series. We talk to the Head of Market and Competitive Intelligence at BT, Andrew Beurschgens. In this series, we ask people we respect within Competitive Intelligence eight pertinent questions. At the end of this series of questions, we will analyse the answers and publish a report.

1. In your view, what’s Competitive Intelligence?

The process and the outcome that curates all source information that is legally and ethically collected and analysed to create the knowledge and the foreknowledge of the market around us as a prelude to decision making and action

2. In your view, what’s the true benefit of CI?

Decision support, bigger picture, choices and the opportunity in…

Here is an ever growing list of Academic search engines for OSINT.


Founded in 1999, SpaceRef is a media company focused on the space sector and based out of Reston, Virginia. The company maintains four online properties including, SpaceRef, SpaceRef Business, NASA Watch, and the Astrobiology Web. SpaceRef Interactive Canada Inc., a separate Canadian corporation, maintains the SpaceRef Canada online property.


An online resource about all things art

Astronomy Net

Here you can find resources to help understand perhaps the grandest of all sciences. Employing widely disparate disciplines, astronomy boldly attempts to understand nothing less than the universe itself. …

This article discusses what’s Competitive Intelligence got to do with Situational Awareness? It uses British Military examples. And breaks down Situation Awareness down to Look, Think and Act.

To understand what’s going on in our world, we all need to have good Situational Awareness. With angry social media screaming out it’s managed opinions, questionable media and more reliable sources competing for over clicks. It’s becoming even more critical to have your own Situational Awareness.

What’s happening here and now

What’s happening here and now. Not last week. Or what’s in the previous management meeting notes. Or the previous year’s Gartner report or what a social…

This article explains How Competitive Intelligence helped transform a British icon. It is in our serious of real life case studies performed by Octopus Intelligence.

You know-how

You know how some industry sectors have household name brands? And seem to have changed very little over a hundred years? A competitor starts doing something a little different? Or takes advantage of the “Made in Great Britain” tag in far-flung parts of the world? But it is your brand that is the original and the best. You even have a Royal Coat of Arms above your door.

What was happening

Our client is a world-renowned British fashion…

5 ways Competitive Intelligence gives you more chance of winning. A well thought out Competitive intelligence program will make you more competitive. It’s as simple as that. Correct use of the information found and associated robust analysis will allow you to:

1. Learn from their mistakes

Making excellent decisions is not just about luck or your excellent judgement. Decisions can also be based on others mistakes. Their mistakes can put thousands and perhaps millions on your bottom line. At the same time, the competitor reels and tries to recover from a wrong move. Or a poor launch of a lousy product, you can continue growing…

Want to know what your competitors are up to then rummage in their bins is something we would not recommend. In most cases, it’s not only legal but a complete waste of time. Most importantly, it’s not Competitive Intelligence. It’s stealing.

There is no need to go this far to find out what your competitors are up to. But keeping an eye on your competition is very important to keep up and get ahead in your industry sector.

Understanding your competitors’ strengths will show your gaps in your own offering. And ensure you are on track with your pricing strategy…

Competitive Intelligence showed how a major competitor was retaking market share. With this case study, we show how our services provided our client with an understanding of why they were no longer market number one.

You know-how

You know how sometimes a competitor you have fought against and beat for years on end suddenly gets the upper hand. And you have an idea why? You have a better product. You are spending millions on TV advertising and football sponsorships. But still, they are selling more.

What was happening

Our client is a world-renowned consumer electricals manufacturer. They did not understand their competitor’s organisational structure and…

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