Competitive Intelligence for all — A pipe dream or a possibility?

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It is a great honour for us to present a guest article by Chris West of Counteraction. Chris West’s book on Competitive Intelligence is one of the best ever published. His article asks Competitive Intelligence for all — A pipe dream or a possibility?

Willingness to use formal Competitive Intelligence has always been patchy

There are situations in which the cost of acquiring intelligence on competitors can yield major, quantifiable benefits. For example companies that invest huge sums in research and development know that they need to be fully aware of competitors’ progress in the same field. Avoiding the risk of being left too far behind or introducing an inferior product to the market. In these situations, cutting the R&D expenditure early may save more than enough to cover the cost of monitoring the competition enabling them to channel their budgets into more fruitful territory. Equally intelligence on competitors’ best practices can provide a shortcuts to changes that provide quantifiable benefits. However, all to often competitive intelligence is placed into the category of “nice to know” rather than “must know”. And is reduced in priority when budgets are being allocated.

Intelligence rather than intuition

My employees would not give anything useful away so why would others?

It has always been this way


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