Competitive Intelligence reporting and decision making basics

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This article offers our thoughts about Competitive Intelligence reporting and decision making basics.

Reporting and conclusions

  • Can I summarise it in one sentence, with no more than 3 lines and dependent clause?
  • Did I highlight somewhere what I do not know and how I intend to address gaps? Does the analysis have a clearly defined time frame attached? A date at which I think we should reconsider?

Report format

  • Introduction
  • What has happened? / answer?
  • What does it mean?
  • What happens next? / can you do about it?
  • So what?

Then ask do you need an info graphic to get the message across? And have you answered the questions?

So what are you going to do?

Your final intelligence report should offer you the options open to you. But it’s wise to ensure that it’s you who makes the decision. Why? Well it’s your head on the block. Of course, the decision could be to do nothing and take no action. Even then, you may want to monitor what’s going on. However, if it is a do nothing decision, it would be wise to build milestones. A milestone like if X happens then we look to do this. If XX happens we do this.

More about decision making


So this shows us that not all sources will be reliable, but most of it should be taken seriously. Until you know otherwise. You may want the intelligence you have to be true. It could make you a lot of money. Your competitor is maybe trying to look more successful than they actually to the market.



Competitive Intelligence reporting and decision making basics

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