Counter Intelligence and competency intelligence questions

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This article presents an ever growing list of example Counter Intelligence and Competency Intelligence questions.

Counter Intelligence related Intelligence questions

  • How are they trying to conduct Competitive Intelligence against us?
  • What can we do, and what are we doing, to reduce their chances of getting it?
  • What legitimate denial and deception tactics might we employ to safeguard our proprietary information?

Competency related Intelligence questions

  • How are they generating capital for new ventures?
  • Are they exploiting their research and development?
  • What expertise do they possess in a particular process or technology?
  • Do they have an efficient order processing?
  • Do they have a sophisticated inventory management?
  • How do they motivate and train a remote sales force?
  • How do they motivating and train their workers?
  • And, how strong is their supplier management?
  • How good are they at distribution?

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