Do you believe the information before you?

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This article asks do you believe the information before you. We attempt to cover some pointers to look out for when reading articles on line — or talking to people who are trying to convince you of something. Watching someone on YouTube telling you giant marshmallow monsters run the world. Of course, we are not saying they don’t and it would explain a few things.

Fake news

Regardless of the perceived authenticity or authority of the information you have found, you always should attempt to verify. Here are some questions that may assist with your verification:

  1. Do you know a knowledgeable person who would know if the information was correct?
  2. Does the information appear in a single website our does similar information exist?
  3. Are there any signs of exaggerated statements such as “I am told this is no joke or “Take it or leave it” or “This is the real deal”?
  4. Is there a desire by the author for the reader to pass the information on?
  5. Can you verify any of the names in a document. Those quoted and the person who wrote it?
  6. Are references to organisations absolutely right? There are plenty of acronyms in the world; most of us speed-read them if we have seen them before. Are they correct?
  7. Are there any venues and locations in the information? Should there be? Do they exist?
  8. Is the creative author terminology to make the piece sound more credible? Are there any misspellings in the text and how old is the web page?

And finally

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