How do your competitors pitch their products?

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The article answers the question — how do your competitors pitch their products? When working out your go-to-market strategy, it is an incredibly important step to conduct competitor analysis. Competitor analysis will allow you to have a great understanding of your main competitors. To provide a great foundation to plan your next market moves.

Sales decks

Watch and read everything about your competitors. From their conference talks, webinars, public statements, industry journalists interviews and opinions to product demonstrations and sales presentations. Analyse what they are saying and what they are not saying. Compare the new sales presentations with the older versions. What has changed? What else are they promoting and what have they stopped selling and saying? And why? Then dig even deeper still and find out what their salespeople are really saying in meetings, the discounts and offers made.


Social media

Product analysis

Features compared

Customers needs

Customer lists

  • How effective their marketing is
  • What they think the market is
  • Their customer group motivation

If you understand these points, you will isolate significant gaps in the market. Also, if they have tried and failed at specific marketing strategies, why throw good money after bad and do the same? So this process will save your marketing budget. It’s clear that understanding who buys your competitors products will give you an excellent leg up.

Identify customer contacts

Trade shows

  • Are they telling them about their next developments?
  • What do 3rd parties think of their products?
  • What are they saying to the press?
  • What products or services are they presenting and pushing hard?


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