How to Think Within Competitive Intelligence Using Pencil and Paper

How to think within Competitive Intelligence using pencil and paper

This article is called how to think within Competitive Intelligence using pencil and paper. Competitive Intelligence thinking can bring some brilliant ideas and ways forward. But how do you move from idea to getting started? Our minds are packed with some fantastic ideas, but these ideas stay where they are more often than not. In our heads, never to come to fluctuation. Convincing yourself that it was a daft idea.

New idea

It is not easy to bring a new idea to life. To download it out of your head and make it become real. The path you will be on will always be unclear. You may start out with a very clear understanding of where you want to go and what you are going to do. But the mist of reality can really blind you and perhaps put you off altogether.

  • How prepared are you for the change?

What’s going to get in your way?

But the most significant thing that will get in your way will be you. The barrier that’s your biases and a willingness to listen to your assumptions.

  • Why are you not able to do this?
  • What will get in the way?
  • What will go wrong?
  • Who is going to get in the way?
  • Why will my money run out before
  • Which competitors could destroy me
  • What market trends are going to get in the way

Clear mind

This activity isolates the known barriers and opportunities. Not only that, it will also help you by dumping it all out of your head. Helping you make considered decisions about the best way forward.

  • What if?
  • Brick walls

We can do this

Surprising, this basket is where most of the problems will be put into. The things you can handle. The process has made you think of what could get in the way. Isolating this will bring to mind the solutions. Determine why you can do something. You may not understand the specifics of how it will work, but at least you know what’s you need to do to make it happen.

What if

The “What if” basket is for the things you can do nothing about. The stuff out of your control. The unpredictable things like what happens if the market changes overnight? What if a new competitor comes along just before you launch? What if you don’t make enough money to cover your costs? Being aware of these aspects of your idea is half the battle. Allowing you to monitor them and keep an eye out for any warning signals. Define the warning signs and decide what you could do about it to resolve situations before they happen.

Brick walls

Brick walls are for the problems that will stop you in your path. Whatever you do, putting problems on this list makes you think and calmly evaluate your next steps. Setting up a country pub in the middle of a pandemic lockdown immediately springs to mind. But these aspects can be much more nuanced. It may be a great idea, but the timing is all wrong. It is better to know before you start to take action. So you can look at alternative paths or ditch the idea before wasting any more time and money on it.


How to think within Competitive Intelligence using pencil and paper

This article was called how to think within Competitive Intelligence using pencil and paper. Hopefully, this exercise will help you to move forward with renewed confidence. Understanding what could the result be and what could get in the way.

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