Intelligence is clear on the beautiful Paul Smith superior brand experience

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Why they are fab…

“Iconic well made fashion presented within a superb, but understated experience”.

How they differentiate themselves

Our Brand Intelligence takes a look at Paul Smith.

When you enter a Paul Smith store your experience is like no other, hence it is rather like walking into a top 5 star hotel.

You are walking into an experience where the products for sale are part of the experience. Part of the art.

Besides this, you are not bombarded by the brand and signs proclaiming discounts, sales and directions. You have take your time and explore the store to find something interesting.

Furthermore, subtle branding does not shout at you or the world. You know it’s Paul Smith and that is all that matters.

The fashion has extreme attention to detail and quality with a premium price that you appreciate rather than struggling to understand the value.

Even the receipt is placed into a well designed envelope.

The staff are considered, professional, welcoming and leave you alone.

Finally, we believe, this is fashion with a twist. Classic cuts with the unexpected. Like this year’s Octopuses.

Their competition

Hugo Boss, Prada and Burberry



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