It’s time to stop keeping data in silos

Your data has hidden depths

It’s time to stop keeping data in silos.

The key to your next brand-rocking campaign could lie within your powerful competitive intelligence but unless you know how to turn that information and intelligence into inspiring marketing messages, and then get these messages out there to the right audience in the real world — you’ve still only explored the tip of the iceberg.

You could be doing more with your intelligence.

Turn insight into action and outcomes.

Put your marketing brains on.

The benefits of combining intelligence and marketing could include:

  • improved customer relationships and customer retention
  • wider or more profitable customer attraction
  • damage limitation and brand clarity — and more.

Don’t let your Intelligence end with the report — use it to improve marketing by driving insight-led campaigns to show the rest of the world how amazing you really are, compared to your competitors.

The facts are at your fingertips.

Use them.

That’s why octopus works with Verballistics and Inbetween Creative within our core intelligence product and our Brand Intelligence offering — to identify the hidden potential embedded within the intelligence that we conduct for our clients.

We help you beat your competitors, increase revenue, protect equity investments, reduce uncertainty and risk with Competitive Intelligence & Due Diligence