Market and Competitive Intelligence defined and explained

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This article titled Market and Competitive Intelligence define and explain. Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence and Business Intelligence are commonly confused with each other. They are all Intelligence-based, but they offer insight in different ways.

Market Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

  • Your Market sectors
  • Current and future customers
  • And of course your competitors

Eventually, you will gain a good understanding of each of these areas. And also find out how to maximise success and beat your competitors at their own game. Like most things, Competitive Intelligence is only as good as the planning done before you start the project. You should see it as an ongoing process, not just a quick research exercise.

What is Competitive Intelligence?


About Octopus Intelligence

We help brands and investors like yourself reimagine how you can beat your competitors, make more money, be disruptive, and enter new markets. Enabling you to grow faster with more certainty with Competitive Intelligence, background checks and good old common sense. We live in an increasingly uncertain, competitive and ever-shifting world. What you need is active real-world strategy. Where deep expertise combines with Competitive Intelligence based actions. To answer the what and the how, for the now and the next.

What is Competitive Intelligence?

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Competitive Intelligence is the ethical collection and analysis of competitive information to enable you to avoid surprises, think more moves ahead, and minimise uncertainty to enable more informed strategic decisions. It gives you the ability to differentiate yourself and stay ahead of the competition, and in many cases, can be the unspoken, hidden key to success.

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We help you beat your competitors, increase revenue, protect equity investments, reduce uncertainty and risk with Competitive Intelligence & Due Diligence

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