Octopus Intelligence Announce a Complete Rebuild of Their Website

London: Octopus Intelligence announce a complete rebuild of their website www.octopusintelligence.com

The original website was a break from the norm within the Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Intelligence field. No pictures of radar screens, rockets, chess pieces and lighthouses. Octopus understood they needed to focus on people, businesses and their needs.

“But we believed the website was getting tired and clunky. So we needed to freshen and speed it up”, said Graeme Dixon, founder of Octopus. “A website that doesn’t tell people how clever we are, but tells them what Intelligence can do for them”.

Octopus are told that business is full of analytics but struggle with actual Insight. Insight to make meaningful decisions and take action. Octopus Intelligence’s Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Investigations offerings are about one thing. Creating as much certainty for their clients as possible.

“Yes, it’s also about risk, sustainable growth, competitive advantage and beating your competitor. But certainty gives you options and a clearer mind. It reduces risk. It makes taking a decision so much easier”, continued Graeme.

With this in mind, Octopus aims to develop an ongoing free OSINT database. And articles to help companies with the tools and techniques to make the most of Competitive Intelligence, Competitor Analysis, Corporate Investigation and Market Analysis.

Octopus Intelligence wrote this press release. It announced a complete rebuild of its website www.octopusintelligence.com.

About Octopus Intelligence

Octopus is UK based Intelligence and Strategy consulting firm. They focused on creating certainty, Insight, competitive advantage and significant growth for clients operating in disruptive and traditional sectors.

It’s reassuring that we have your back and leave no rock unturned to answer the what and the how, the now and the next. Using our real-world experience and best in class tools and techniques.

We offer a boutique feel with a big business capability and real global reach. We are trusted by brands, middle-market players, investors and start-up innovators.




We Provide More Certainty & Competitive Advantage With Competitive Intelligence & Competitive Strategy

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Octopus Competitive Intelligence consulting agency

Octopus Competitive Intelligence consulting agency

We Provide More Certainty & Competitive Advantage With Competitive Intelligence & Competitive Strategy

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