Strategy Cyborgs

Ten stats from ten gigasims

  1. Only one person chose 46 % of the strategies selected. Two or more people chose 54%. 52 people chose one approach.
  2. Roughly 90% of the possible strategies in the Tournament have not been chosen by any human (yet).
  3. The majority of the strategies which were chosen by a single person performed below average.
  4. But, the best-performing strategies were chosen by only one person. It makes sense: if you want to outperform your competitors, you must do something your competitors are not doing.
  5. Half of the entrants reported that they spent 10–20 minutes making their strategic decisions. A quarter spent less than 10 minutes and a quarter spent more than 20 minutes.
  6. The entrants who thought other entrants would pick strategies “not at all like mine” were wrong.
  7. Extroverts and introverts were equally effective in getting their goals.
  8. Entrants chose widely different strategies to achieve the same goals.
  9. Entrants had widely different performance even when they tried to achieve the same goals. In the Mature industry, the profit/sales ratio ranged from 6.2% to 25.3% among entrants who cared only about profitability. Those ratios are the worst and best averages across the same 1.9 megasims.
  10. It takes about 24 hours to calculate ten gigasims.

Six questions you might ask

Is it artificial intelligence?

Is there a “solution” to the Top Pricer Tournament or to real-life strategy?

Do the results apply to my business?

Can I enter the Tournament?

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