What does a Market Analysis consist of then?


This article is called what does a Market Analysis consist of then? We aim to tell you what Market Analysis is and explain what a typical project looks like to describe how Strategic & Tactical Research can support your decision-making. We also list what Strategic Intelligence covers.

Improve your competitive position

If you need to improve your competitive position, counter external threats and find new opportunities, expand into new markets, then you need independent Market Analysis, strategic and tactical research. You know the Market Research to help you collate information about your target market, customers and audiences. To answer the questions, you need to know. Intelligence has always been an important aspect to support decision making. Tailored consulting projects to assist you in the collection, collated and analysis of specific, explicit and targetted information to help your decision making.

The benefits of strategic analysis are clear. It allows you to stay ahead of your competition, rapidly respond and predict new competitive threats and increase your understanding of your customer base.

Reimage how you can beat your competitors

Reimage how you can beat your competitors and smash through current boundaries and get ready and prepared for the future. Identify, isolate and target the fastest-growing customers, prospects, sectors, segments, opportunities and trends. Reject unsuitable markets not ready or big enough for your offering. And understand your competitive landscape and the potential disruptors who could be creeping up on you — objective, third-party insight and opinion to freshen up existing internal thoughts and discussions.

What does a typical strategic Market Analysis look like?

So what does a typical strategic Market Analysis look like? To enable you to find a provide a clear view of your targeted products and markets with excellent and verified Market Intelligence. Here is our take of a typical Market Analysis project may look like:

  • Discus needs and reasons with the client
  • To ensure full understanding isolated the client’s objective
  • Define the key questions
  • Conduct initial desk research to understand the industries key players, history, trends regulations, demographics and build the sectors value chain
  • Then talk to the right people within the industry’s value chain, which usually includes competitors, industry experts, customers, distributors, agents, universities, suppliers and many more.
  • We then collate, sort and refine the analysis to isolate patterns, trends and the answers. During the analysis, we verify and cross-check with other sources and for check inconsistencies.
  • Then it’s time to write the report in plain English, and to avoid misinterpretation never assuming the reader knows the industry or the issue. We use visuals sparingly and never use them to fill the report out or make us look smart. The report accompanies discussions, workshops, presentations and post-project support.

Our strategic Intelligence

Our strategic intelligence offerings include:

  • Benchmarking competitor best practices and performance
  • Competitive analysis or market landscape analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Competitor analysis
  • Competitor deep-dive
  • Creation and management of Battlecards
  • Customer analytics
  • Customer intelligence
  • Due diligence and background checking
  • Emerging technologies evaluation
  • Financial analysis
  • Futurism
  • Isolation of sales leads
  • M&A screening and evaluation
  • Market assessment, attractiveness and entry strategy
  • Market research and segmentation
  • Media monitoring
  • On site investigations
  • On site visits and interviews
  • OSINT collection
  • Partner identification
  • Political risk, issue and industry analysis
  • Red team analysis
  • Sales lead identification
  • Scenario analysis
  • Scenario Planning
  • Sector roadmapping
  • Sizing and forecasting of Markets
  • Strategic partner identification
  • Technology benchmarking
  • Technology roadmapping
  • Traffic analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Trend radars
  • Value chain assessment
  • Wargaming
  • Win-loss analysis


Investigations work to support Strategic Intelligence:

  • Anti-slavery investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Corporate affiliations
  • Deep Due Diligence and background checking
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) investigations
  • Identification, analysis and diligence of M+A, alliance, partnership opportunities
  • Individual’s wealth assessment
  • Litigation support complex legal investigation
  • Reputation issues

For investors

And mainly for the investment world:

  • Appraisal packages
  • Decisive investor readiness
  • Development, BD and growth mapping
  • Fiscal performance tracking
  • Forensic data analysis
  • Forensic investor analysis
  • Future-proofing insights and recommendation
  • Integrated intelligence service modules
  • Intelligence-based financial oversights
  • M&A pre-qualification process
  • Market trends and predictions
  • Monitoring & management indicators
  • Precision forecasting & troubleshooting
  • Robust project management oversight
  • Verification and qualification packages

Once you have created a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to be, you then need to agree the best options open to you. Market Analysis should give you everything you need to build both transformational short and long-term strategies. In this article “What does a Market Analysis consist of then? We aimed to tell you what Market Analysis is and explained what a typical project looked like to describe how Strategic & Tactical Research can support your decision-making. We also list what our Strategic Intelligence covers.

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